This tour is planned for the full day. Kili staff will guide the clients to the Viladellops winery. Where it is possible to explore what this agricultural phenomenon holds. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy of a meal at the well-known restaurant “La Cantina”. Which I highly recommend due to their praiseworthy service and gastronomy.

Finca Viladellops:

Finca Viladellops is a different winery, in a location that combines history, landscape and culture. Discover the winery (dating from 1877), visit the vineyards and learn the secrets of winemaking. The creation of the Viladellops nucleus dates from the year 930 and has carefully preserved the landscape, architecture and its surroundings. Currently the town is made up of eighteen farmhouses that give the same atmosphere as a hundred years ago

Restaurant La Cantina

We are the Alonso Brothers, belonging to a family dedicated to gastronomy for decades. An experience to which we have added our essence at Cantina Viladellops; Jairo as chef and Borja as head of public relations.

Experience in the world of relationships and the seal of culinary quality come together to make Cantina Viladellops possible, offering unbeatable service and a unique and complete gastronomic experience.

Kili Sitges give you some options: 

Once you reach destination, some great options to you:

* Winery visit: check prices in Finca Viladellops web

* Typical Spanish restaurant La Cantina  ( Summer time could be a Dinner)

* Live music on weekends with a spectacular setting among vineyards (spring and summer on weekends)

Clients will return to Sitges by Taxi, Kili staff will take care of returning the bikes to KILI


Price includes: Private Eike tour + Helmet + Snack along the way + Return E-bikes to Sitges

Not included: Winery Visit + Tasting / Restaurant. / Drinks during the stay at the winery